How To Boost Gaming Performance On Android

Don't be worried if your phone doesn't have a "Gaming Mode". You can manually ensure the phone is optimized and running at full efficiency.

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Mobile gaming has become a mainstream source of gaming like a laptop, PC, and consoles within the previous couple of years. Mobile in operation systems like Android and iOS have improved drastically, and this has enabled larger, a lot of detailed games to run on the go. With a lot of details, the number of the process needed additionally will increase, directly swing a load on the mobile's GPU.

Brands have started making special gaming phones with extra options like improved ventilation, liquid cooling, and better display with a better refresh rate.

A very common practice now's to ship at the side of a software-based "Gaming Mode" that automatically enhances the performance of the phone. Even game developers have started collaborating with OEMs to boost their games and provide higher gameplay.

Though, don't be upset if your phone doesn't have a "Gaming Mode". Stock android is one example, it doesn't ship with any extraordinary shenanigans. You can also manually make sure the phone is optimized and running at full potency. 

Here are a number of key points to remember:

1. Install The Latest Available Software

Always ensure your device is up to date. A newer version of Android brings in tonnes of bug fixes and improves long-term stability. Updates can also bring in fixes and improvements to the UI skin (if any) and provides you with the latest security fixes.

2. Clear Up The Home Screen

The home screen UI is a separate process constantly running in the background. If you have many widgets and shortcuts pasted, it's always recommended to keep the home screen clutter-free. This way, there are no unnecessary tasks like weather, social feed, or live wallpaper consuming resources in the background. Since the home screen is one of the most-demanded pages of the system, these processes aren't usually killed since reinitiating them is a time-consuming process.

3. Restrict Background Apps

Do you actively use GoogleAssistant or Bixby? If not, disable them. These services are constantly running in the background and consume resources frequently. Apps that require background refresh like Google Maps should also be closed when not required. If you don't actively use an internet-dependent app like Facebook, switch off auto-refresh.

4. Force GPU Rendering

This option can be enabled from "Developer Options" in the Settings menu. It uses your phone's GPU instead of relying on software rendering for some 2D elements that aren't already taking advantage of the option. This ultimately delivers faster UI rendering, smoother animations, and makes some space for the CPU. Though on the flip side, GPU consumers more power than the CPU and can lead to faster battery depletion.

5. Turn Off Animations

Turn off your screen animations to increase the performance of your Android phone. To do so you can follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Developer Options of the phone.
  2. Now, scroll down and search for the Window Animation Scale
  3. Here, select it to Animation Scale 10x.

If you select Animation Off, then the screen will show you without animation. You can also turn off Transition Animation Scale.

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631 shares, 1042 points

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